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    New members, Start here! July-September, 2012

    Bonnie Feather

      bunnyatwork_small+(1).jpgWelcome to all new members! "New" simply means that you have not yet introduced yourself!


      I check in each day to see how many new members have joined the community around the world. It's quite exciting! Did you know we have members in Peru, Albania, and the Czech Republic? Intel Education programs are expanding worldwide and improving education in many countries.


      Please introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about your education duties. Many people will be starting a new term soon...please tell us what would make your job easier- especially as it pertains to using Project-Based Learning in your situation. Or, tell us what new practice you will be trying out in the next term!


      Did you notice the "Bunny Person" image? Any time you see that image at the beginning of a discussion, it means that the discussion is incentivized. There will be a great prize drawn at the end of December from the names of all who introduce themselves in this discussion!


      To read new member discussions from our community's past, click here to visit the archives.


      Welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact me any time you have questions regarding the Engage Community!


      ~Bonnie Feather

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