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    "Common Core" coming up...

    Bonnie Feather

      We here in North America are preparing for a new school year. In many states, the emphasis on "Common Core" Standards has increased for the past few years, and will continue in that direction for the next several.


      I did a search in Teachers Engage on that phrase this morning and I found we have quite a few discussions already ongoing, including links to a number of resources.


      What is the status of CCSS in your state/ district/ classroom? What resources have you found helpful? Can you give us an idea of the feelings of administrators, legislators, and teachers regarding their implementation?


      A concern I hear often is regarding how these new standards will be tested. The push is toward completely online testing, and the question style is heading to text-based questions, which will be time consuming. Schools and districts are concerned about equipment needs and bandwidth. Those who believe an offline version is necessary are concerned about how offline tests can be automatically individualized, which is a feature the online tests are hoping to include.


      How are you preparing for all of this change? What do you need most? Do you need referrals to articles regarding any of this?


      And perhaps most of all, how do you envision Intel practices assisting you in preparing your students?on