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    What do you think of online learning?

      Welcome to the Lismore participants,

      With the variety of online or e-learning opportunities available today, it begs the question “what constitutes a quality online learning experience”?

      Whilst research shows that flexibility and quality of content is valued by participants, I would like to hear your opinion as to what other qualities would you expect (or have experienced) in a well-designed, interactive online learning environment.


      What do you like the most about online learning? Is there some aspect that worries you? Have you taken online classes before? Would you share your experiences with us?

      Looking forward to your feedback and a chance for us all to test out this discussion feature.



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          Hi Lesleigh,


          I love online learning mainly because I can do it at my own pace, when I have time. I've completed a BA and an MEd through UNE via online learning and think it has been very worthwhile. The best thing about it is that everything is there for you when you start. You just have to look at it and process it and answer the questions. The other bonus is you can go back anytime a revise anything that you need too... this is sometimes difficult in a regular face to face learning environment.


          My participation in the Australia Series group is also another example. This group includes educators from all over Australia from the east coast to the west, north to south. The enthusiasm and ideas make this online learning environment constantly changing and interesting. From this group I've found other interesting learning experiences like the Global Education Conference.




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            This is my first attempt at official online learning.  I do a lot of networking and sharing with other teachers online through Edmodo and Facebook but have never attempted a course online before. I have in fact shied away from them in the past as I have always felt I would struggle without face to face support.

            I am looking forward to seeing how I go with this format as I believe it will open up a world full of possibilities for my personal learning if I feel successful with this.

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              I love learning online because of the 'pace yourself' option. It means I can get ahead in anticipation of the wheels falling off late in the term, and when the wheels don't fall off ... it's great. I also feel that, as teachers we need to experience all the potential computer problems that can interfere with the online learning process before we can expect the students to cope with them. I also like the revisiting option for the difficult bits.

              I hate it when I have to repeatedly log in because my computer won't open up with my current pages open! I also geet worried if the tracking log doesn't show what I finished this second ... but that's my own shortcoming. =D



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                  Hi all;


                  I love online learning, having completed my degree 3 or so years ago via distance education. I like that you get to work at your own pace and also get to collaborate with other students. From discussions I found that by doing my course online I got to work with more people and was better able to complete my tasks after numerous conversations in various groups.


                  kind regards Tracey C