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    Feeling a bit like Mr Gadget?

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      Elements of a Digital Classroom

      Do you ever get the feeling that you need a few more mechanical arms to cope with all that is necessary to facilitate a digital classroom?


      How do you cope? Share a few tips that get you through the term. Who helps you trouble shoot digital issues or develop engaging and adaptive learning  communities? Your school leadership team? Colleagues? PLCs? ICT personnel? On-line networks?


      Interested in your ideas. Remember that you are not alone!




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          Yep.... what a great analogy Lesleigh!! What I "feel" I need now is a tool,

          like a digital "flipbook" or like a mechanic's tool peg board where I can easily

          "see" the tools and then depending on what I am planning for the following week

          select and utilise the tools so I am ready to go with great "learning" activities.

          Any suggestions??? Love being part of this!! cheers Robyn Lockwood

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              Robyn - my study wall at home always looks like something out of a forensic movie set! It isn't the only answer to your question but it is just my 'tool'. I thought you might like it as we both have kindergarten teaching background experiences:)


              At the moment I can 'see' a whole new area to create as drop down menus from the multi-modal row of the CLF continuum. Its the way my mind works and when I board it up like this I can make connections really easily.


              This is an old image but once I finish fine tuning it, I am sure Claire will share the best of it with Terry at their next meeting!


              A few CSO and Principals are interested in my unusual thinking patterns. Maybe I 'over analyse' but that is how I came to create that K-7 maths continuum and strategic resources moodle for principals to share. By boarding up Claire's original idea I 'saw' another product deep  'inside'.


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              Hi Lesleigh and Robyn,


              Lovely ideas! And Lesleigh love your pinboard!! Though I gather all my thoughts and new ideas in Evernote, Pinterest, Twitter, my blog (though I don't do this enough!) and Scoop.it. I am part of an online webinar series as well, australiaseries.wordpress.com . This is a great bunch of people who get together to share new and innovative ideas on ICT education in Australia and around the world. I love attending their virtual sessions and from their trial and use some of the ideas... the problem I have is that I want to do so much but sometimes find it hard to convince others that the tools and ideas are worth while! If you are interested check out Australia Series they always have valuable ideas and in a couple of weeks I'm presenting a short piece!



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                  HI Vanessa - thanks so much.


                  I have fleshed out that pin board into a draft that I sent to CSO and my principal and regional consultant. I too love attending virtual sessions - just last week I was invited to 'hangout' with a Google + group of Aussie IT edu incredibles. I learnt about Jeff Ulrich's Ninja Training Centre for Google Apps. Kids in Yr 5-7 could join and learn about Google Apps and attain a challenge based activity to work through their white, green and black belt in their chosen Google App. It hit most of the 2012 Horizon Report key trends and emergent technology. Its free! (ISB Google Apps Ninja Training Center) It has given me great ideas to take back to my schools.


                  Thanks for sharing your tips - I am on Twitter (@laltmann) and also Linkedin and Google +. Congrats on your future presentation! Can you tell us more about it as time goes on?