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    Cloud Computing

      We are starting a discussion here in Yavapai County, AZ about Cloud Computing.  Does anyone use it?  What, if any, monetary savings have there been for your district or school?  Any thoughts or ideas would be appreicated.

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          While I've been involved in discussion about cloud computing, it has not been at a district or school decision making level. We have had problems with network outages (due to cut fiber cables) twice in the past 6 school days. This does not make cloud computing look like a good choice. Many of the discussions I have been involved in relate to this same kind of possible problem.


          I can say that I personally like and use cloud computing a lot. I have five "cloud email addresses" that I use for personal and my different volunteer positions. I use Google Docs in various situations both personally, at school, and at the district level. My most recent positive use of Google Docs has been teaching my district technology director how these docs work as well as what can collaborating on a document with him and four other teachers. The process went very smoothly and he was impressed at the collaborative environment in Google Docs.


          I think could computing has a definite place but am very reluctant to say I am willing to go only with the cloud as my storage device!