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    Leadership Forum Feedback

      I received this feedback from a Leadership Forum participant and thought I would share it with the group. I am sure everyone receives positive feedback regarding the LF, but this the first time I've received SO positive a response.



      Dear David,


      Quick note before this day gets away from me --- wanted to say thank you for today’s training – Intel Teach Leadership Forum.  Truly learned something new and exciting --- plan to use the Visual Ranking Tool next week to survey teachers for 09-10 School Improvement Plan and with students in a LSUA class Tuesday evening.  Also, going to promote Region VI TLC services for this summer and next year’s professional growth plans.  Thanks for the computer revival ---


      Mrs. J. Hudgens


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          Thanks for sharing- it is always great to hear success stories. I would love to follow-up with this leader in a year to see what else she has accomplished.

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              Hi Julia:


              I hope to see this newly reinvigorated LF grad in some TWT and Essentials trainings if she has the time in upcoming months.  


              I know we all get anecdotal feedback from what we do, but seeing it this way sure makes ME happy to see that I must have done an okay job with the terrific Intel materials to elicit such a response. 


              BTW, I would never have posted this due to my worry that it would be misconstrued, but someone whose opinion I value said I should.

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                  David - I am really glad that you posted this. It is important to hear these things - and we always love the kudos for something they learned. BTW, I have heard that multiple times from a variety of leaders I have facilitated this forum for from all around the world. So, leaders aren't very different, whether they are here, or Argentina, or Turkey, or India

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                      Hey sshott:


                      I'm way too shy about accepting any kudos, so posting that email was almost painful, embarrassing even. But after all the positive remarks I have received as a result, I am now really glad that I did.



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                  This is a great idea David.  I did get one complement about the Leadership Forums, as well, Unfortunately, I can't find it now.


                  I will remember to share the good feedback, now that I have seen this post.


                  Thank You!

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                      Hi Lillian:


                      As I said, I was hesitant about posting that but did so at the suggestion of a person about whom I think highly, who said it would not be construed as bragging in the community--that's not my way--especially since I am a newbie here. :)


                      I imagine we all have lots of anecdotal remarks we can post but  not that many of us think of posting those: I know I didn't.


                      I suggest sharing that feedback especially since this community obviously doesn't see positive remarks made to us as tooting our own horns.





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                      How great that you have found students who appreciate you! And yes, I agree that it is a great testament to the program when teachers say they have been transform or changed in any way. The Leadership Forum is getting some activity in NY where we are being asked to conduct sessions in Leadership over the summer to be included in Leadership Academies specifically designed for administrators. Whoohoo! The tide is changing...

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                          Hi Blanche:


                          I have been very happy with the feedback from the LF AND more recently from "graduates" of TwT. I had a closing of a different online course and two of those participants had also completed a TwT with me. They advised others in the class to take that Intel offering, saying that even though the course is rigorous that it refreshed their classroom vision toward a far more student-centered environment, which excited and pleased me a lot.


                          The LF is so fun to teach and even more so since the leaders who take it really want to get a grasp on how their existing technology can so stimulate the learning environment--something we have known for years.



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                          Isn't it great to see administrators finally get the big picture after falling in love with a tool? Sometimes it's that one piece of technology that gets their attention and serves as the catalyst to trying other technology tools.


                          They are really the key to promoting the effective use of technology in their schools and it is quite evident in settings where administrators have had extensive training.  Thanks for sharing!

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                              Hiya Steph:


                              Administrators try to support what works AND what is required. The ILF works for them, so they support it.You are so right: this one piece turns them toward creating a viable action plan and the tech tools the learn give them the motive for moving their faculties forward. I have to say I am proud (in a humble way) to be a part of it all.