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    Little needed here


      Dear Educators!


      I need Resource that can help my students in mastering sounds of vowels and consonants. We are using English as Second Language (Rather third language in some cases) and I found that it becomes very difficult for students coming from rural background to identify and produce sound of the words for correct pronunciation. My intention is to improve this lacking by continuous practice through videos. Therefore, I need your help

      Thanks in advance

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          Sadia, here is a link that we use for our English as Second Language Learners.  I hope it's helpful.


          OELAS Resources - Yavapai & Mohave County TIS

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            so if the language of constraints is the notation / dialect of that language because each language accent different areas even though the same letters but in terms of how to read a little differently because of differences in dialect / language notation, it is common memnag anywhere else your case, the need the note is often heard, read and repeat the language taught though initially be difficult to adapt because of the inherent accent each area what the area is still traditional.

            an early stage by frequently listening to foreign languages / english either through video, voice over recording media, television, internet.dll

            The second stage of learning the meaning of the foreign language vocabulary through dictionary or media translations

            The third stage of trying to express the foreign language word or if it has not been told to mimic the advanced foreign language.

            The fourth stage socialize with when using foreign languages in the classroom or learning environment.

            hope that my suggestions may be useful

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              Here is one of my favorites that I always share: http://www.phonogrampage.com/  Hope this helps!