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    Big Bang National Fair

      We've just completed our first Big Bang National Fair ( www.thebigbangfair.co.uk ) This brought together several other existing celebrations under one large event coordinated through the Engineering Technology Board. I actually work for the British Science Association and our CREST award celebrations were a big part of this. This was the one that John Holman mentioned this morning with over 6,500 people attending.


      We'd be interested to hear how other countries have created and grown such events - we've got plans for next year but want to build on this key development, particularly regarding regional feeder fairs (we've got 12 planned across the UK but want to build on these too).


      From Adrian Fenton, British Science Association, UK

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          Hi Fent,


          Very good post and website.  I like to understand how you brought all of the stakeholders together.  I find that the strong personalities that keep the ball rolling sometimes have a difficult time collaborating.  How did your bring the parties together?



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              Hi Carlos,


              A very good question! It took a lot of politics and committee meetings to make this happen - John Halton from the Engineering Technology Board (who is here) had a lot to do with working with business sponsors regarding this event so have a chat with him. From our perspective, we were keen to maintain the British Science Association's ethos and CREST Award celebrations as part of the event. We recognised the importance of making a large impact on government and ministers if we were going to ensure such an event would be supported going forwards (the event was at the QEII Exhibition centre conveniently close to where our minsters meet in London).


              Happy to chat more.


              Adrian Fenton


              British Science Association