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    Webinars Can be Your Cup of Tea.. Flipped PD


      Have you Flipped PD Lately?


      In our monthly Intel Teach Live Webinars, we often  "Flip" the Professional Development by having participants attend our live webinar with followup activities held here in the Engage Community. These experiences are fun, engaging and allow participants to receive high quality professional development centered around 21st century skills partnered with rich online sharing.


      Thinking about your past webinar experiences, what were some benefits of learning in this format? Have you ever considered designing your own webinar?   If so, what would be some key elements you would include?  Would you have guest presenters or would you be the featured presenter? Who would your target audience be? What logistics/guidelines would you need to consider? Finally, think about if flipping professional development would have an impact on teaching and learning in your district?