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    Stem Snacks - Just because we can, should we?


      I often bring in new, sometimes controversial, content for class use. Today, I read about what I will refer to in class as Frankenjellies. The article describes how rat heart cells have been used to design something that resembles and mimics a Jellyfish. Like other articles or videos in the past, I plan on sharing this with my students. I will ask them to take a side on the essential stem question: "Just be cause we can, should we?" Obviously, the topic this time will relate to whether humans should be allowed to design artificial organisms. I expect my students will discuss and debate the topic and probably not come to consensus.


      • How can you use this kind of discussion in your classroom?
      • How does this kind of debate support the new Language Arts core?
      • What similar content / videos can or do you use to promote similar class discussions?
      • What thinking tool might be most appropriate to use with this content?