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    Uniting Intel-affiliated fairs: A moral Obligation

      Just thought it would be beautiful if countries participating in the Intel-ISEF could create a forum for exchange of students during their respective national fairs. Extending invitation to sister fairs will allow for better networking and international collaboration in the developmment of school science across the world. It will also offer particularly to the young regional or national fairs the priviledge of giving their students more than the usual once-in-a-year international exposure at the intel-ISEF. There is no doubt that such a move will help narrow the gap between the very well developed and the developing Intel-affilaited fairs.

      Yes, funding may be an issue, but I am of the honest view that this is a moral obligation the more senior members of the Intel-affilaited fair family (majorly representing the more developed nations of the world) owe to their less developed sister fairs.

      If for reasons of paucity of funds, open invitations are beyond what can be pratically implemented, I would recommend an "adoption and mentoring" process whereby a more developed fair adopts a younger  member of the Intel family with a commitment to help nuture such a fair to maturity. Such commitmtnet can be given expression in the form of provision of resource materials, offering trainning programs and human capital development etc.I am convinced that the pioneering efforts of Intel foundation in the promotion of science education will achieve better results on the global scene should the veteran fairs on this program make this long overdue commitment. LET THE STRONG STRENGTHEN THE WEAK.This is food for thought.