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    Off-side: Food and stuff

      For Asians, food at Educator Academy has always been a challenge, or I should say an opportunity.  For others, it may not be as difficult.  For me, it's a time of detoxifying your body.  More veggies.  More fruits.  What is your culinary experience at Educator Academy?  Albeit, on a minor note.

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          The culinary experience is probably also a challenge for Latin Americans. For us breakfast consists for toast or cereals, orange juice and strong coffee. I am missing my toast in the morning as well as the strong coffee. The rest of the food is definitely fine. I loved last night's buffet, altho ones!ugh my choices were not particularly the healthiest ones! 

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              Perhaps, on an anti-matter plane, to change and influence the 'heart chakra' requires one to change the 'stomach chakra'.  I remember an old advise of the other half's in-laws, the wife's place is with her husband, and to capture the husband's heart, influence the stomach.  In past feudal society or court society in the mind of, say, Norbert Elias, food and the festivities around it (the choice of culinary experience) was an important feature in civilizing societies.