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    File structure or tags?

      One of my students in Teach Essentials Online (v 10.1) course made a comment in her blog that she is consused by the suggested file structure of her Unit Portfolio. She writes: "I am confused by the structure… I feel it is imposed on me. I think it has too many sublevels and I have to keep my stuff in so many separate files... I usually organize my materials on my computer in a different way." I think there is much sense in what she is saying. Many people use shared documents and social services for storing their images etc. We should teach our students how to tag and share our stuff rather than to build complicated file structures. What do you think?

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          Ahhhhhhhh.... file management! I find file management is one of the hardest things to teach people. I think that's because everyone's sense of order is so different. I agree tags can be a great help. That's one of the things i really like about MicroSoft Vista..the ability to tag files.

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            Yes, your student does make sense. As a Mac and PC user I have never taken full advantage of the tagging features embedded in files as much as I should but it certainly makes searching for files easier. On a Mac you can also create "Smart Folders". Smart Folders are "virtual" folders that can be created based on a search made of a word in the document name or used in a file. Meta-tagging will definitely be a skill that students will need in the future. For those who use Evernote or other such applications, it's an efficient way to group and subsequently locate items (that don't necessarily have to be the same file type).

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