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    Twitter Basics! Webinar follow-up


      twitter-follow-achiever.jpg**Update to the Twitter Basics! Webinar. Next month we would like to see how many TeachersEngage community members we can engage in a Twitter chat. To do this we are asking for your help. Please sign up to receive Twitter Tips and reminders for the next two weeks as we prepare to engage in a fun Twitter chat designed to help YOU, use Twitter. I also included questions to help inform next year's Twitter chats.

      As this next chat will be held after our annual community conference, on November 5th, I'll be asking community peeps mhtcjmgenter tdiener NaomiHarm MrsSmoke and others to join me in spreading the word! PLEASE TAKE THIS SHORT TWO MINUTE SURVEY TO PROVIDE INPUT: Twitter @EngageChat SURVEY

      As we are trying to increase participation I would appreciate some feedback as to whether the time and the day of the week works for folks or if we should consider moving the day and time. Thanks for any help you can give! Happy day!


      For those of you who weren't able to join us as we began this month's #EngageChat with a short presentation on Twitter Basics, here is the full presentation (with some additional slides not on the webinar recording). Naomi also shared some fabulous resources with me! Those are:


      Three great PDF's:

      1. A Twitter checklist of successful steps of getting started created by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano known as @Langwitches on Twitter.
      2. The second one is the Twitter friendly help guide from Sheryl N. Beach from the PLP Networks http://plpnetwork.com and Sheryl is known as @snbeach on Twitter
      3. A modified document Naomi updated from Laura Bates By Laura Bates http://www.fractuslearning.com/author/lbates on "Recipe for a Perfect PLN" The content is from her blogpost from this past week, and she has given me permission to add the graphics and save as a PDF to make it easier for distribution for educators.  Thought this might help you as well. 

      Naomi has been working hard on her Connected Educators Symposium in WI! Thank you Naomi - you rock! Thank you to Marshal Conley too who helped me with my first solo Engage webinar I am looking forward to improving and doing more in the future. Stay tuned!


      Webinar recording: http://engageteachers.adobeconnect.com/p1c8l7twius/

      Presentation and PDF resources attached!