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    Module 1 Reflecting: Collaborative Classrooms

      By now participants will have completed the first module of the Lismore Diocese Intel Teach Elements course.  You are to be congratulated in the way that you have utilised your Action Plans to provide examples of collaborative classrooms and ways to implement collaboration activities in your classroom with and without technology.

      We invite each of you to join this discussion to briefly share your reflections on what you have learned and how you might be able to apply it to your classrooms.

      Remembering that the outcomes for this module are as follows:

      • Understand why collaboration is an important skill for now and the future
      • Become familiar with the Digital Collaboration Framework
      • Understand the benefits and challenges of a collaborative classroom
      • Become familiar with the traits of collaborationModule

      Looking forward to sharing in the discussion



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          I am agreement with what I read  in Module 1 - that collaboration should be used to assist learning and to give our students the skills they will need in the future.

          I acknowledge that I have tried to implement collaboration within the classroom but that I am not currently using it to its full potential. This is mainly due to my lack of understanding of suitable digital tools that could be of use.

          I look forward to working through the rest of the course.

          Tracey C

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            Hi Lesleigh & Intel learning buddies:)

            I must admit I've found this course harder to navigate than the Web 2.0 course. I think that's partly because it's a combination of external and CSO delivery (or more likely that I'm not concentrating as well due to more distractions this time around!)

            I like the Collaboration Framework as it makes me think about all elements of the collaborative task during planning. In my experience, the real art of creating effective collaboration between students is finessing that shared responsibility for group products and performances. I'd love some ideas from other participants that they have found work in creating that shared responsibility for engaging in the learning ie not just leaving it to one or two members of the group.

            In Year 4 I have found pairs or, at the most, groups of 3, to be the most effective but I'm keen to extend my students to working with larger groups. I'm looking forward to learning how digital tools might help to manage this shared responsibility factor and allow all members of the group the time and space they need to contribute effectively.

            With the help of our Teacher Librarian, our Year 4 cohort is collaborating using a wiki focusing on our inquiry module. The students have chosen one of four local environmental topics to become 'experts' in and our culminating activity is a Conference at the end of term, where visitors and classmates can share their learning. We're pretty excited Lots of 'real life learning' and collaboration. Does anyone have any contacts with a school that has a flourishing sustainable garden project going and who would be happy to chat via Skype?

            Thanks for the support so far.


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                Thanks Stephanie

                Pity our garden is hibernating at St Mary's Bowraville at the moment! We have raised beds made of tanks and the students had silver beet, beans, (a yummy treat to eat off the vine while waiting for the staff meeting to begin!), tumeric, ginger and some herbs. Like all small schools, each of the four teachers are wearing several admin and co-ordinator hats. But ... having said all that, put us on the back burner!


                I remember Chris Mulherin was dabbling in a garden project when she created her wiki for Web2. Check her garden progress by dropping her an email


                Good Luck:)


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                Catherine GrahamSmith

                I have enjoyed the first module as it in keeping with what I am presently studying in my Master of Education - Information Learning Nexus. Essentially, it is at the core of my philosophy of teaching and I feel that collaboration is the key to successful teaching in learning in the 21stC!  Even the CSO is on board with its new "Contemporary Learning Framework" where collaboration is integral to all its aspects from learning culture, to leadership to the curriculum.


                What excites me so much about the idea of collaboration is that the emphasis is on the learner. Clichéd as it is, the teacher is no longer "the sage on the stage" but the "guide on the side". Link this pedagogic approach to technology, then learning becomes truly collaborative and can be synchronous or asynchronous, where space is more than geographical and the walls of schools tumble. Heady stuff!


                At present I am collaborating with the HSIE Co-ordinator at my school to rewrite an assessment for Year 7 Geography. We want the unit to be more collaborative basing it on an inquiry based approach and we are going to incorporate technology in the research part of it as well as in the final presentation of the research.


                It is a work in progress! 

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                  Hi all,

                  I found this module to be very interesting.It cemeted my thoughts on the value of collaborative learning, but it also helped to extend my ideas around how it can be used in the classroom, from think pair share activities, to video conferences to larger group projects.


                  I also found the Collaboratuion framework to be extremely useful.It allows me to logically think about the purposes of collaboration in the classroom and what sorts of collaboration and when would be effective for the learning outcomes.


                  I really believe that collaboration is an absolutely vital skill that today's students will need in order to be successful in the future. By using  a variety of collaborative activities, we can help to set the students up to be able to work effectively as a team, to problems solve and to use the resources they have available to them.


                  I would really love some ideas about how to teach stduents in years 2/3  the explicit skills necessary to work as an effective team member.


                  Looking forward to the next module,




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                    Hi all,

                    I found the first module to be very thought-provoking as it has encouraged me to explicitly examine the collaboration techniques that I employ in my classroom. In terms of a digital classroom, I feel restricted in the sense that I work primarily with a Year One class and their skills are limited when dealing with technology. But, where there is a will, there is a way so the aim is to continue to develop these necessary skills. As a stand-alone (without relying on technology), collaboration is something at which my students are perhaps a little too good!

                    I believe that effective collaboration is an important skill that will be critical in the future success of every child that we teach.  By allowing our students to develop these skills using a variety of techniques, we are ensuring they are equipped to become successful members of society who will be able to work effectively in a myriad of environments.

                    The Collaboration Framework is a useful tool that has helped me to personally define the purpose/s of collaboration and the most effective way to embed it into my current teaching and learning strategies.

                    It's coming along, slow and steady


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                      Sorry about the late reply, I am having issues with my home computer not displaying everything correctly. Apparently it's something to do with clearing the cache. Hopefully if I do this often enough I will keep on top of things.

                      I have found the beginning of this course to be very encouraging. I use collaboration a lot in my classroom, and a lot of times without actually thinking about it. The collaboration  framework is a wonderful tool that will assist me to plan out these collaborative experiences and target them more closely to the needs and wants of my students.

                      Being able to collaborate effectively is an essential skill for the 21st century and I believe we need to send our students off to high school with a wealth of collaboration skills with which to pull from when needed.

                      I am looking forward to learning about and  implementing new digital resources and technologies into my classroom to assist in building my student's collaborative toolbox.

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                        I found this first module very informative. It clearly defined what collaboration in the classroom entails in the 21st century. Although we have always used collaboration in our classrooms to some extent, advanced technology has seen a need for us as teachers in the 21st Century, to engage our students in purposeful collaboration that uses web 2 tools that will assist them to become live long learners. Today's workforce demands these skills and we as educators must provide them.