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    Important Message - Tightening up Member Credentials


      Update: The strong password requirement will be enforced starting next week (week of September 10).

      Greetings Teachers Engage Community! When we went through our platform upgrade this summer, we mentioned that at some point we would be required to implement some additional security measures around passwords and email addresses. That time is coming up soon. We know that because all of you were so patient and positive as we upgraded that you will meet this new change with similar good spirits and sense of community. The two changes are new requirements for strong passwords and valid email addresses attached to your member account.

      For passwords:

      • Your password must be rated “strong” meaning it has at least eight (8) characters, including alphanumeric characters, and at least one “special” character such as an exclamation point (!), underscore (_), or dollar sign ($).
      • Passwords may not have any repeating numbers or letters, and it can’t be your email address.
      • You will be required to reset your password each year, and when resetting you cannot use your previous password.


      For email:

      • You will be required to have a valid email address attached to your member profile. If you do not, your account will be purged from the system.
      • You change your email address and password via Edit Profile and Privacy action on your user profile. Watch the quick video below to see how to do this.


      Feel free to post questions to this discussion or email them to Teachersengage@intel.com.


      We also encourage you to help your fellow members by posting your suggestions for a strong password below.


      Thanks – The Teachers Engage Admin Team