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    What's the Difference between "Interest" and "Curiosity"?


      Recently Intel and Discovery Education have partnered to launch Curiosity in the Classroom, a site "designed to bring teachers, students and families on a journey through life's biggest questions." EDU in Review, in their blog about this new venture, asks us to think a little bit about the role of curiosity, and the questions it can create, in science education. We want to know what you think!


      • What are the primary differences between "interest" and "curiosity" as it relates to student learning?
      • What strategies do you use to keep kids curious, in science class or in other classes?
      • What makes you curious?
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          Marshal thanks for the link to the Curiosity in the Classroom website...interesting place. I think curiosity leads to interest. Curiosity is serendipitous leading you to unanticipated places. Places that are sometimes enjoyable and sometimes uncomfortable; either way life would be awful dull without curiosity. This post spurred my curiosity. I followed the link to the Discovery Education website, which lead me to the Discovery Curiosity TV Show website, which lead me to the Creators Project website which lead me to the UltraBook Project website...whew. For me the best strategy for keeping kids curious...recognize the everyday moments that can encourage curiosity. Of the 10 tips for Parents to promote curiosity, which do you think should be number one?


          Curiosity: Top 10 Ways to Cultivate Curiosity: Discovery Channel 


          Come to think of it, that list would be a good Visual Ranking activity.