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    Using the Community in AZ

    Bonnie Feather

      We are using the Community in an MT training for the TwT course.  I just completed session 3 today and will be doing session 4 tomorrow.


      We are a small group, and the candidates are ICT administrators in the district and 4 tech trainers for the district.  They are able to move through the assignments fairly quickly, since they are pretty facile with the technology.  This district uses lots of web 2.0 tools for administrators, teachers, and students.


      I am finding that having the discussions in our group on the community is creating deeper discussions.  Somehow the ability to re-visit the comments rather than just remember them is causing participants to be more thoughtful with their comments.  I have asked them to respond to a minimum number of colleagues in discussions and to go back and reply to their own posts with their reflections.


      Tomorrow I am going to show them the "Facilitate" area in the community.  This will be our first foray outside the group I created for us.  I plan to use the discussions there as a supplement to the Module 8 work, since they have mostly created the products for M8 while we were completing M7.  Then we will move into the questioning techniques of M8.


      They have had many questions about whether the online tools could possibly be modified to include more flexibility and ability to go further.  I will ask them to formulate some questions about the uses and research behind the tools and post them to the Thinking Tools discussion.


      If anyone has suggestions about how we could effectively use the community with a group of MT candidates, I would appreciate reading them!