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    Issue: Browse and Groups Buttons Not Functioning


      As you may have noted in the announcement currently broadcast on the main page, the Browse and Groups buttons at the top of each page are not functioning. We have escalated the problem and the support team is working to fix it. In the meantime, you can do the following to execute activities for which you would normally use these buttons:

      • To create a new group, use this direct link: engage.intel.com/create-group!input.jspa
      • To find groups to which you belong, click on your Profile and then click the Places tab on your profile page.
      • To find all groups, enter a term or name in the main Search box, and then select the Places tab to filter the results.

      You can also use the main Search box to find content or other members, and remember you can access your content, communications, activities, and friends via your profile.

      We'll add updates to this thread as they are available, and you can post any questions below.

      Thanks for your patience and understanding - The Teachers Engage Admin Team