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    NECC 2009 Roundup

      Do you have your bags packed for Washington, DC? Will you be presenting at the conference? I thought it would be neat for everyone in our "family" to let the community know if you will be attending NECC and if you will be presenting. If you are presenting, please list your workshop information so we can show up and support you. I am very excited to be attending this year and would love to meet up with other Intel family members.

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          Hi- Ya, Jill!


          Many of the Intel community people will be attending NECC this June - including me.  It will be a great place to meet face to face.

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            Jill- I am going to NECC and I am excited because I am going to sit back and take it all in. This will be the first time in a long while that I am attending NECC and not involved in any presentations. I have already marked several sessions that I am interested in and a few of them are at the same time. I would think that the community would be a great place to share ideas from the various sessions.  I also receive an invite from Dyane to join a Ning Group regarding NECC and Intel Teach. Hope to catch up with you in DC.

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                I too get to take it all in. Of course there is so much I want to do! I was hoping to meet up with other Intel members as well. Wonder who all would be up for an evening dinner somewhere exciting. Of course I don't know if much could compete with Cafe Tu Tu Tango. I wonder if Steve has perfected his "napkin fan dancing"?

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                    I recommend everyone stop by the Intel Teach booth at NECC to see who is helping at the booth. It may also make it possible to arrange going to lunch or a session with other Senior Instructors. I'll be at the booth often and hope all those who drop by will say hi!

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                  Lucy Gray, an outstanding educator recently posted this link for Expanding your NECC experience. I thought it would great to post in case this will be anyone's first NECC experience. This will be my second NECC, and I know last year was overwhelming. You want to see everything, but it is just not possible. Lucy offers some great suggestions. Enjoy.



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                    Drop by the Intel Booth #2712

                    All intel Teach Trainers will receive and appreciation gift and an ""Intel Teach teacher" ribbon to wear on their NECC badges.In addition you could be featured in one of the - “Teacher on the Street” interviews and live feed of Intel activities into  our community.


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                      Another FUN NECC opportunity- I am currently working with National Public Broadcasting- they are working on a show about growing up in a digital age. They will have a webinar this week to continue discussions on the topic and then will be recording snippets of teacher comments at NECC to use on the show- stop by their booth and share your thoughts!

                      Here is the info on the webinar....



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                      We are excited to share with you our recent addition to the FRONTLINE Digital Nation website, "Education in the Digital Age," featuring a new video on Intermediate School 339 in the Bronx. We thought you might be interested in a live online discussion forum we're hosting on education technology tomorrow, Wednesday 6/24 at 11 am EDT. The forum will take place here, on our site.

                      A panel of experts will answer questions and discuss how technology is -- and isn't -- changing our schools and how we learn. Guests include:

                      We're collecting questions for these experts in advance, and we'd love for you to contribute; please submit a question here.

                      Stay tuned for more updates and we hope to hear from you at the live forum tomorrow!

                      All the best,

                      Digital Nation

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                          I encourage everyone to follow Paige's Link to the new video on Intermediate School 339 in the Bronx. Last winter a the Celebaration of Learning Conference, I was fortunate to have attended a presentation given by the school's principal Jason Levy and several IS 339 teachers...all I can say is WOW! What an incredible story!

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                          Don't miss our "mini" Theater sessions - STs sharing their projects!


                          We have a PDF on www.intel.com/education that lists these ST sessions, the 3 'big' Theater sessions, and

                          other formal sessions. Check it out - you may recognize some faces ; )


                          And don't miss a special appearance by Steve Andrews in an Intel bunny suit (it was a dare)...


                          Can't wait to see everyone!


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                            NECC is a great place to see our Intel friends from all over the country.  I'll be in the booth each day.  Hope to see lots of you stopping by to say hello!

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                              For those of you who weren't there to see Steve's appearance in a "Bunny suit" (they're the suits worn in Intel Clean Rooms - no one can tell me why they're called bunny suits... anyone?) - enjoy!


                              Steve walked around NECC passing out bunny dolls, and enjoyed it so much we may get to see Bunny Steve again. When he returned, Customer Support had stuffed the suit, added his picture, and was posing it at his desk.


                              It was a great NECC, everyone! I overheard in depth coversations in the booth about the program, the presentations were all wonderful, MTs came by wanting to re-engage, a lot of people said they had 'no idea Intel did this': it's so rewarding to hear people talking about how much they appreciate all that you all do.



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                                How did I miss Steve in the Bunny Suit? I'd agree with Alison that everyone who came by the booth was so excited about everything offered by Intel Teach. I wish we had seen Flat Stevie here somehow.