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    Looking to connect your classroom with others this year?


      Shelley Shott had posted the following message:

      We (Margery and I) want to connect with other innovative trainers...

      Some of the items that we would like to know more about:


      Funding for science fairs

      Facilities and laboratories that are available for students in the Los Angeles, and also, how to find resources.

      How to find resources for our participants

      Grant opportunites, especially during the hard economic times

      Where to hold science fairs



      and I think it would be a great for any teacher interested in connecting his/her classroom with another or being involved in a global project to reply to this thread.  It would be a wonderful resource for all of us to find project partners.


      Please reply with the following:


      Grade Levels interested in participating in projects

      Months studenta are in school


      Thanks in advance!