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    Generation Virtual (also known as Generation V)

      Here is interesting article from the Gartner Group. I     have attached a summary of the article and the reference. At last     the digital immigrants/natives     terminology has been superseded. Shaun makes a comment below     regarding labels and their application to students.


      Generation Virtual (also known as Generation V) is not     defined by age or gender, social demographic or geography but is     based on demonstrated achievement, accomplishments     and an     increasing preference for the use of digital media channels     to     discover information, build knowledge and share insights.

      Generation V is the recognition that general behaviour,     attitudes and interests are starting to blend together in an online environment.

      Gartner has identified four levels of engagement within     Generation V, addressing both the extent to which customers will     engage with other customers, as well as the level of engagement     needed from businesses to enable the community. The four levels of     engagement include: creators, contributors, opportunists, and lurkers.

      • Up to 3 percent of     individuals will be creators       providing original content and can be     advocates that promote       your product and services.
      • Between 3 percent and 10     percent of individuals       will be contributors essentially followers,     who add to the       conversation, but don't initiate it. They can     recommend       products and services as customers move through a buying       process, looking for purchasing advice.
      • Between 10 percent and 20     percent of individuals       will be opportunists who can further     contributions regarding       purchasing decisions. Opportunists can     "add value"       to a conversation that's taking place, while     walking through a       considered purchase.
      • Approximately 80 percent of     individuals will be       lurkers (and all users start as such),     essentially spectators,       who reap the rewards of online community     input, but only       absorb what is being communicated. However, they can       implicitly contribute and validate indirectly reporting the value       from the rest of the community.



      Gartner Says Enterprises Must Create Separate       Marketing Strategies for Generation Virtual Retrieved on Friday,       15 September 2008 from http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=721008

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          Your data seems close to what I observe even here in our Engage Community. There are a LOT more page views than comments by visitors. It is nice to know that people can find information that may benefit student learning.


          I found your data interesting - especially when I consider the percent of creators and contributors.


          Have you see suggestions regarding how we can help encourage the lurkers to become contributors or those who add value to discussions?