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    Education Today

      In so many ways, the world is very different for young people today than the one we experienced growing up. As humorist Ashleigh Brilliant says,



      Part of the trouble with education today is that the future is not what it used to be!


      If we are to prepare our young people to thrive and make a positive difference to the world they will inhabit as adults, then we must build a concrete vision that is shared across the school community, is futures-focused, and grounded in the kinds of outcomes that will make a real difference – the adults our young people will need to become.


      In a world where the shelf life of information is increasingly short, these are the outcomes / standards that have long-term value. And increasingly, this is what many education systems are focusing on, and need to focus their efforts on, rather than 'death by a million standards.'



      These desired outcomes are our long-term goals. They provide the over-arching educational purpose for everything we do, and offer a clear sense of direction from which to explore and align learning goals and practices.