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    Share Your Back to School Resources!


      Fellow Engagers, NaomiHarm  and I engaged in an #EngageChat tonight and shared many resources to help you ease back into school   As a community we, all of us, have much to share. It would be great if we could continue to grow as a community and start to use social media to share the knowledge "wealth".

      Take a peek at our Twitter archive from today (9/10/12) and The Digital Buzz radio show from last week.

      One of the ways in which we would like to create a connection between our monthly twitter chats and radio show is to ask each of you to share one commitment to stay connected during the month of September. August was "Connected Educator Month" or CEM. If you participated in any of the CEM webinars or events, please share them in this post.  Also:

      Share one thing that you will do to stay connected during the month of Sept.

      Will you challenge one's thinking? How will you make a positive change to impact student learning?

      We will share our commitments too!