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    Mobile in the Classroom


      Now that the school year has started, how are you planning to use mobile devices this year? Or what did you do last year? Love to hear the use cases.....

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          most the cases we see our schools here using student PC are browse to the internet, rarely using mobile now, but believe it will come, do want to here from your experiences and share with our teachers....

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            A great question....

            With the expansion of blended learning, it is becoming more and more important to use mobile devices.  We at eNetColorado, have not only provided the Intel Elements courses, we are also providing professional development courses such as Using Cell Phones as Learning Tools within the Classroom.  We had several teachers very interested in that course.  I just feel that since our students have those tools, we as educators had also better know how to use those tools in the best possible way to help our students be the best that they can be.

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                Hello Ma'amCarolyn..I was caught with the use of mobile phones in the classroom as a learning tool. I just usually use the mobile phone in place of a player when I want my pupils to hear something. I am interested to know more on how to use it to motivate my pupils to participate in classroom activities. Thank you.