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    What do you think of Digital Blooms Taxonomy?


      I have been reviewing Andrew Churches Digital Blooms Taxonomythis week. I like how he reviews the use of social tools (Web 2.0 tools) in Education. One of my favorite views of Blooms Taxonomy that he uses is Drawing 3 on page 6. The reason I like this drawing is how the different Web 2.0 tools are found to the right of the Blooms verbs.  In Utah, most science teachers make active use of Bloom's verbs in daily lessons. This is due to our state science core being based on Bloom's verbs.


      By reviewing other ways to meet my state core, I find I can more actively engage my students.   There are several comics scattered through the document. One of my favorite is about blogs and found on page 17.


      I am also impressed with the number of Rubrics that are included in the document. While I may change the wording to better be understood by my students, these rubrics are great starting points.


      What are your thoughts on using Web 2.0 tools to meet the verbs of Blooms Taxonomy? I'm curious and look forward to reading your thoughts.

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          Glen- I just shared the same article with my colleagues yesterday. I too found it was interesting and I really liked the addition of the Web 2.0 Words. Really looking forward to sharing this with my pre-service teachers because they understand the technology- just don’t know how to begin assessing how to use it.  I thought this was a great article to start having those discussions.


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            I like the Digital Bloom's; good explanations. I especially like the Possible Activities column that suggests ideas to put the levels into practice.

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              Bonnie Feather



              Thanks for the new resource.  I can't wait to read it!  This looks like one I might be sharing with a lot of folks!

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                This is a helpful tool with some seriously good documentation. I have seen an earlier version but think this is pretty much the bomb, especially since a (free) registration at scribd allows you to download it for a fast reference. Thanks a bunch.

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                  Bonnie Feather

                  I, too find the many rubrics useful and intriguing.  I didn't even know that the original Bloom's Taxonomy included areas other than cognitive!  (Well, I hope I knew it in college, but it seems to be distilled to only the cognitive area for most educational settings.)


                  Seeing this makes me wonder if we should also explore how digital activities engage the other areas such as Affective and Psychomotor!  We certainly don't address only the cognitive aspects of a student's learning in the classroom, but we don't seem to study or discuss the other areas very often.  Do you think we could connect digital activities discussed in this article to the Affective and Psychomotor domains?