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    Intel ST NECC 2009 Notes


      This is designed for everyone attending NECC 2009 to share tips, tricks, ideas and cool sites. Since it is impossible for anyone to visit every session, I am hoping we can share and thereby help each other grow.


      As you attend a session, please post your comments to this discussion. It would be most appropriate to include links to presentations and/or handouts associated with these sessions. Pictures would be icing on the cake .


      I look forward to participating and growing along with all my Senior Trainer Friends at NECC 2009. (This is the last NECC conference ever - the name is changing to the ISTE conference next year.)


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          Thanks, Glen for starting this page. I think it will be an awesome resource for our trainers who will not be able to attend this year as well. I am so excited about the trip. Really looking forward to meet up with everyone.

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            What a great idea, Glen. I am looking forward to this because I will not be attending NECC this year. I like the ideas of pictures.Thanks again!

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              Thanks for the idea! I will not be attending and will look forward to seeing what everyone will post.

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                Hi Glenn


                Will be doing the SETDA mtgs from Friday afternoon through Monday noon then flying home - Have already been gone a week (TwT training) andhave another scheduled week away (Tech Planning) so I have chosen to cut this one short so I can recognize family when I get home.


                Hope to see yo there on my Sunday and Monday afternoon !

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                  This was a new site for me. Not sure how many others know about it, but I thought it was a great way to bring news into the classroom for "tweens".

                  It is a news blogging site that targets articles that tweens will enjoy or relate to. 



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                    I had several wonderful opportunities at the NECC conference this year. One of my favorites was watch each of the Senior Trainer presentations. I loved listening and talking with Naomi about her Web 2.0 resources, seeing Vanessa's fabulous project (Dear Michelle, Letters to Michelle Obama), and watching Linda, Peter and Dan talk about how they the Thinking Tools with students and adults. We hope to have the presentations on the site soon so you can all see the wonderful work everyone is doing!