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    SG 9: Module 2 Small Group Discussion

    charity mulig-cruz
      1. Edit the document you uploaded for Activity 3, Lesson 2 of Module 1 to incorporate the comments suggested by your groupmates.
      2. Add a column for the assessment tools that you intend to use for your chosen unit/activity.
      3. Provide a brief comment why you decided to use the particular tool.
      4. Comment on the output posted by your groupmates.
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          21st Century Skills


          Assessment Tools

          Commercial Cooking

          -Use of Kitchen Tools   and Equipment

          -Mensuration and Calculation

          -Hazards and Safety in the workplace


          -Creativity and innovation, ICT Literacy

          -Critical thinking and problem solving

          -Communication and collaboration, Information and media literacy


          Search from the Internet, Multimedia presentation (video, graphics)



          Multimedia Presentation Rubric, Mathematical Processes Rubric


          -Use of Sewing Tools



          (Create Sewing Kit)


          -Carry Out Measurements and Calculations

          -Creativity and innovation, Information and media literacy, Self-direction, Collaboration/Teamwork


          -Problem solving, Creativity, Collaboration

          Internet research, Media presentation, Movie maker,



          -Multimedia Presentation, Unit Conversion Tool

          Creativity Rubric/Checklist, Peer-Group, Group Contribution Checklist


          -Creativity Rubric, Mathematical Processes Rubric





          [4th yr]

          Organizing and Managing Food Service

          -Preparing the Dining Room

          -Styles of Food Service

          -Proper Waiting at the Table


          -Initiative and self-direction, Leadership and responsibility, Communication and collaboration, Information Literacy


          Internet research, Movie maker, video and PPT presentations, Clips/Digital Pictures


          Multimedia Presentation Rubric, Group contribution checklist, Role-play rubric


          These are few of the tools I choose and why I chose them:


          I choose to use Mathematical Processes Rubric as Assessment tool in Units that include Measurement and Calculations since it is more of the application of mathematical knowledge and applications.

          Creativity rubric checks inventiveness in work during demonstration and the flexibility in thinking and trying new roles and tasks related to the topic.

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              charity mulig-cruz

              Hi Ma'am April! I am wondering (and I am excited to read) about the activities you wish to include in your units  I remembered my high school days when we were asked to design and make dress  Some of use even made our own dress for the the prom 


              Also in your commercial cooking, I am so excited to hear about the activities you intend to use I know that these is a great a way to collaborate with other teachers  I remembered my students before preparing menus, designing order forms, preparing a budget, marketing, pricing, cooking and plating


              Hehehhe  Just thinking about the possible activities for you makes me dizzy  hehhe...


              More power ma'am april

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                  I don't know if you will still browse this discussion, Ma'am but I want to express my gladness when I read about your comment on my work not to mention the green star for it. Your suggested activities would surely add excitement among my students when I incorporate them in the units. But as we are yet in the exploratory module, cooking, marketing and the likes are not to be taken in grade 7. I think those activities po are enclosed in the lessons in grades 9 to 10, for specialization. But nevertheless, I thank you very much, Ma'am!

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                21st Century Skills


                Assessment Tools

                Number and Operation

                Creativity, critical thinking and Problem Solving

                Multimedia presentation

                Multimedia Presentation Rubric


                Critical thinking, Problem Solving

                Survey Transit

                Journals, Creativity Rubric,Checklist


                Collaboration, Creativity, Information Literacy


                Multimedia Presentation


                     I choose Multimedia presentation as Assessment Tool in units Number and Operation, Measurement and Geometry. I also use Journal and Collaboration Checklist in Measurement. Journals and Collaboration Checklist gives information about the pupils' learning on the day.