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    Who can facilitate this course?

      I believe we have non-MI's signed up for this first Project-Based Approaches course.


      Can they turn around and deliver the course to others or should only Master Instructors be allowed to facilitate the course?

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          When we release our official faciliated version in October, it will include guidelines for who should faciliate the course--but they won't have to be a certified M.I.

            • uploading PBA in LMS

              Hi Theresa,


              Our university have an online facility, I am thinking if we can upload the PBA in our LMS? May I know the process on doing this? By the way, I received the PBA CDs last month I requested the CD through the Intel Education site. Thank you very much.



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                  Amy - I checked with the content team and here is the response:


                  "We will be releasing final facilitation content in October, supporting several delivery models (F2F, online in Intel LMS, online in local LMS, etc.)  Use of the facilitation and integrating the e-learning content in a local LMS will require a lisence agreement.  This process will be fully defined and in place in October"