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    NECC 09 Reflection


      Greetings one and all,


      Just taking a few moments to reflect on NECC '09 which took place this year in Washington DC.  It was amazing to work with a team of compassionate Intel National and Senior Trainers from around the USA.  Everyone brought their own unique experiences to the Intel booth to "tell their stories" to attendees of how they are incorporating the Intel coursework and teaching tools within their 21st learning environments.


      Intel spotlight sessions and demonstrations were offered throughout the conference and with the help of many individuals we video recorded and archived these hands-on sessions.  Theresa Maves will let us know where these archived video sessions can be accessed at a another time and location for future playback. These sessions really pulled in a lot of attendees to expose and demonstrate the Intel coursework, thinking tools, and new Teach Elements flash based course.  Oh by the way..... it also helped to dangle the carrots such as the "white Intel stuffed guys," flip video cameras, and insulated conference bags to rope in our audience as well:-)


      On Tuesday many of us "Stormed the Hill" and met with congressmen, congresswomen, and congress affiliates to share our message about saving and maintaining the Ed Tech Funding.  Each of us brought our own story to tell, physical examples to share, and noting the ultimate importance of why educational technology is essential for supporting 21st century teaching and learning enviroments.


      I am including some pictures to high light our week togther.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your passion for teaching and learning to make this such a memorable experience!




      06291535a.jpg  06291623.jpg06291538.jpg     06301440.jpg