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    Microsoft Windows 7


      Have you been wondering what it will be like to run Windows 7 which is scheduled to be released in October 09?  At NECC I was able to try out the newest operating system at the Microsoft booth.  I liked what I saw so far.  You can try the new system too.  Visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/home?os=nonwin7 and click on Try the Release Candidate.


      I notice in the newspaper this weekend new computers are now selling with an upgrade coupon.  If you been putting off the purchase of a new PC... you don't need to wait any longer.


      One last note... if you install the release candidate, it will expire in June 2010.  At that point you will need to reinstall your old operating system or go out and buy Windows 7 with or without a new computer.