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    1:1 Assessment to Document Success


      Greetings fellow educators and technology leaders,


      I have a request for all of you- yes I need your help! Many school districts through our world are discussing, planning and implementing 1:1 programs, but have they thought about the process of evaluating their success of their 1:1 programs with students, teachers and their parents?  So many times schools jump in head and feet first with the technology, but fail to realize the importance of documenting academic milestones of their student achievement successes or technology setbacks of a 1:1 program.


      If you have implemented a 1:1 program in your school, would you be willing to share your assessment or evaluation tool to document student learning outcomes and the 1:1 program's success?  I would greatly appreciate learning from each of you.


      Here are some resources I have pulled together to extend our learning in support of collaborating together on this topic.


      Intel Education has come out with a great "Monitoring eLearning Program Guide and Evaluation" that includes student, teacher and parent protocols, data collections, reviews and evaluation. It really focuses on the pedigogical instructional practices- as admin's reviewing educators through mobile walkthroughs and F2F conversations, student learning and critcal feedback and parent protocols and feedback. Look to page 36-46 of the PDF for more detailed information of evaluation questions that may compliment your teaching and leanring environment with your 1:1 initiative.



      Have you checked out these other great online resources for guidance?

      One to One Institute: http://www.one-to-oneinstitute.org/

      Project Red:  http://www.projectred.org/

      1 to1 Schools http://1to1schools.net/

      21 Steps to 1:1 Success http://education.qld.gov.au/smartclassrooms/documents/strategy/pdf/scbyte-21steps.pdf

      and http://asp-uk.secure-zone.net/v2/639/684/1625/iPads-for-Learning---21-Steps-to-1-to-1-Success.pdf

      21 Steps to iPad Success http://www.ipadsforeducation.vic.edu.au/1-to-1-learning-success



      Naomi Harm

      Twitter: @nharm