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    There’s an Intel Teach Live webinar tomorrow – are you going?


      Intel Teach Live returns from hiatus tomorrow with an exciting look at 21st Century Learning in elective classrooms (Tuesday 9/25 at 5 pm PDT - click here to register).  I know why I love these events and attend, but what about you?


      I’d like to do a little informal poll about attendance. Please reply to this discussion by working through the flow of questions below. Feel free to weigh in with responses related to our other webinars too. Thanks!


      • Did you know about this webinar?
        • If yes, are you registered?
          • If yes, are you planning to attend?
        • If no, what factors will keep you from attending?
      • If you did know about this webinar, but didn’t register, what kept you from registering?
      • What could we do to make participating in these events easier for you?