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    Deadline Sept.25-Welcome New Philippine Trainings!

      can we have an extension in the submission of output today


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          Hi Violeta, what are you referencing here? Need more details. Did you mean for this message to go into the main community? Or is it meant for a group in which you are participating? If so, make sure you are in your group space when creating a discussion or uploading a document. Thanks!

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            Hi All!

            We are currently doing several Elements Courses here in the Philippines and are using Teachers Engage for our discussions and uploads. We have set up group spaces for each class, to be sure. When you see stray posts like this one, please smile and think here's one more community member who's leveraging TE for her/his professional development.

            Thanks for bearing with us.



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                It is so exciting to see the wonderful new groups from the Philippines and we are so glad you are here. You all are amazing. Yes, we will have patience while everyone is learning the platform--we all have been through that! And many folks are navigating outside their native language which is an extra challenge.


                I have been moving documents into the groups for which they belong as much as I can tell from their profile. Some haven't joined a group yet though so I can't move them until they do.

                Thanks so much Celia! No wonder Philippines is our #3 country on our top 10 list (most visits)!