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    Important information about your privacy...


      A little bit of fall housekeeping of your profile probably needs to be done by most of you. I have noticed many member emails showing up in public view and therefore searchable by Google. To test if your email is visible, visit a discussion thread in which you have participated or visit your profile page, not logged in. If you see your email, so does the world.


      To change your privacy settings, click on your name> edit profile and privacy >privacy tab. Review all fields. Review especially your user name at the very top. This is a publicly available field--always. So make sure your email is not your user name if you don't want it to be public. All members will be required to change this field to something other than your email in 2013 so might as well take care of that now. To change your user name or password, click on the edit tab.


      Screen shots below:








      More information if you are curious: When you are not logged in, the system defaults to show your user name, which is a publicly available field. When logged in, it uses your first and last name (unless you also have that hidden, in which case, it displays your user name to others and your first and last name to you only). All posts need to be attributed to someone regardless of your privacy settings which is why the user name is the one chosen field to be publicly available. The problem--some of you have chosen your email as your user name (probably to make it easy to remember). This will no longer be allowed starting in 2013, so change it now!


      Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

      Theresa Maves

      Engage Administrator, Educator, Cheerleader, Corporate Rat