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    Why should we use formative assessment and the benefits of it in the classroom learning?

      It enhanced student learning and it helps teachers gain an understanding  of what students know in order to make responsive changes in teaching and learning and provide critical feedback for improvement.

      * The benefits of it in the classroom learning  :  it gain learning for innovations  that include strengthening the practices of formative assessment produce significant and substantial learning. The student learning and comprehension can be at the highest level.

      * It has a great impact of an increase of full standard on student scores and show that low achievers students who need the extra help and improve as a result of effort.

      * It made aware of any gaps in their understanding and skills that are guided through the actions and make a feed backing from students so that they can make changes in an  instruction in order to improved student success.

      * It can create a social development that can make constant communication with the students, then the classroom expereience becomes more meaningful for students and teacher.