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    21st Century Technology Literacy Coaches


      Greetings Everyone,


      I am about to embark upon another educational journey which will take me on a trip to Chicago in early August to become an affiliate member of Partnerships for 21st Century Skills.  I know Blanca has also ventured into this area this past month, and I really think this type of PD affiliation will support our professional efforts in our current professional, and continue to build the credibility as Intel Senior and National trainers.  But what I have been pondering about for the past 6 months is where is the role to support the efforts of "21st Century Literacy Coaches?" With the ongoing educational budget setbacks and economic crises in education -is this imitative not as important and pushed back to the way side, or is it more imperative than ever before to lead and facilitate a robust, sustainable professional development initiative?  It appears to me that some of our school districts and universities are clearly lack a vision and an understanding of 21st Century Skills.  I think now more than ever is the time for Intel Education to lead the way and to continue its gallant efforts to market heavily the courses of Administrative Leadership Forum and the new Teach Elements PBA course, and of course support with TwT and Essentials.


      Please share with me your thoughts on 21st Century Skills and/or a literacy coaching program you have incorporated into your teaching and learning environment. I would like to know the 21st centruy skills framework is being introduced and infused in your districts/schools/universities curriculum, to ensure all students are experiencing an innovative teaching and learning enviroment to inspire and prepare them to be productive global and literate digital citizens.


      21st Century Skills

      21st Century Support Systems


      I will leave you on a positive and an inspiring note of a video that was shared with me through Twitter today.  It focuses on the 21st century classroom teacher and how his role is continually changing through 21st century resources.  The vide is called "A Brave New World."



      Naomi Harm

        • I wish...
          Bonnie Feather

          I wish I could report on a 21st Century Learning Initiative!  I hope others will come here and let us know what's happening!


          But I wanted to comment on Naomi's video link...

          I work with a group of people (in a tech integration department) who met today to try to begin putting together a 3 hour (!!?!?!??) course on Quadrant D, Rigor & Relevance with Technology Integration.  Instead of a 3-hour course, I found myself wanting them to be taking TwT!


          This 3-Hour course is one of 4 which all teachers must take this year to receive their new district-supplied laptop.  Though this is a start, it's not nearly enough to transform teaching.


          So, I am planning to pull in this little video to inspire the teachers do do more- take risks!


          In addition, our group thought very strongly that parts of the Elements-PBL course would work nicely.  Again, just a "lick and a promise," but perhaps they will be intrigued enough to look further at the Elements course after their 3-hour tour!