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    What is your essential hook or what is in your bag to motivate educators during Intel trrainings?


      I have lots of techniques and tools to motivate teachers to get them in "the groove" for professional development. Just recently after a 1 1/2 keynote I presented - I wanted a different kind of musical and motivating exit- so I added a nice exit tune/video to provide an upbeat closure to the departing of my teachers from the auditorium- I actually had teachers singing and dancing as they left to get to their next session- it was AWESOME.  Everyone left happy, rejuvenated and excited!


      Here is the the link to the "Flash Mob" video.  ENJOY!  I have also attached the video clip as .mp4 to use as well.


      HMMMMM.... perhaps we could make one of these at our next Intel Texas training.  Your thoughts????