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    Do you use PBS Teacherline?


      We have a potential opportunity to engage with Teacherline to develop / provide Unit Plans for their site, that use the Intel Education thinking tools - would anyone be interested in sharing theirs?


      Please let me know - alison.elmer@intel.com - and I'll collect a list to share with them. Would be helpful to know the grade, subject, topic, tools used, how you'd prefer to be contacted...


      Thank you!


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          Alison- I hope that some of the community members contact you! 

          The resources for professional development that are available through PBS TeacherLine are great- and the resources that are available at their PBS Education site is pretty in depth.  This is one resource that I always make sure to share with my pre-service teachers since it is such a great place to get lots of ideas.  I would love to see more ideas on the Thinking Tools! Julia

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            My Here Birdy, Birdy Unit Plan is in the back of the Thinking Tools Manual (appendix).  Could you use that one? It's already done, but needs a couple of URL links tweaked.