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    Intel 21st Century Leadship Forum: Igniting a Technology Passion with Administrators


      I am in the process of updating another keynote presentation focusing on 21st century skills and web 2.0 literacy tools for technology leaders, and came across a wonderful leadership video to ignite a technology passion with superintendents and school leaders.


      Empowering the 21st Century Administrator




      To give credit where credit is do for the above find and additional resources- I asked my Twitter community for some exemplar examples of Wikis to also showcase in my keynote presentation, and Chris Hyde aka Twitter @cehyde9 from PA came through and shared some excellent teacher/tech coaches Wikis. One of the favorites I will be showcasing is Web 2.0 Guru Leadership 2.0 The creator of this website is Cheryl Capozzoli from PA  and you can follow her own at @ccapozzoli Her vast collection of administrative and leadership resources to empower our leaders is just what I was looking for and it is organized so nicely- might I add .  Take a look when you have time and please share these wonderful resources with your school district administrators and leaders to ignite a technology passion to support the implementation and sustainability of 21st century skills in your schools and or educational workplace environment!  http://web20guru.wikispaces.com/Leadership+2.0


      Happy weekend everyone!