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    Module 1, Lesson 3, Activity 5.   Project Characteristics

      Provide a brief summary of a project, unit, or lesson that you teach, and using the Project Characteristics Checklist (available in Resources), discuss how your project could be improved.

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          ADDITION & SUBTRACION lessons – A way of teaching  this lesson is through a role playing activity. The class will have a “market day” inside the classroom. Some pupils will pretend as vendors selling different items, while the rest will pretend as customers. Instructions regarding the activity will be explained by the teacher beforehand.


            In this way, my pupils are at the center of the learning process. I serve as facilitator. 21st century skills are included in this activity. This activity also has real – world connections.

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            When I teach Counting Money with my students, I teach them first counting by 5s and 10s before I introduce money. Then, I will introduce the coins before the peso bills. I will create a store project to teach counting money to my students. I will set up an area in the classroom with items for sale. I will put price tags and a cash register with play money. The pupils can work in groups or pairs. They will act as the shopper and the cashier. They can practice adding up their purchases and counting out change.

            Adult and Student Roles

            In the project that I created, the students are the center of the learning process. They are having fun working on their peers and classmates at the same time they are learning.

            I will act as a facilitator of student’s learning experiences.

            Project Structure

            The project is based on the K to 12 Curriculum Guide in Mathematics.

            I will review all the teaching strategies that will help them develop their 21st century skills.

            The Learning Experience

            Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in counting money.

            The project is connected on the experiences of the pupils on the real world.