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    Course Wrap-Up

      Goals and challenges of project-based approaches: 

      1. After revisiting your goals, how have you achieved your goals?
      2. What new goals do you have?
      3. How do you plan to achieve your new goals?
      4. How have you overcome some of the challenges you were facing at the beginning of the course?
      5. What do you expect to find most challenging when implementing the ideas from the course?
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          Project based approaches  involves students engaging complex tasks that help students develop organization, time management and self direction skills.It also helps student to develop their critical thinking. Students showed increased in attendance and improved attitude toward learning through this activity.

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            Project based approaches help students to develop their higher thinking skills, it also encouraging in the part of the learner.And also they will increased their motivation while doing the project.

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              Project Based Approach will use to assist children in learning new skills and using their creativity. In project based, students have a chance to make choices about what to do and how will they do it. The teacher acts as facilitator and guide the students choices, keep students engaged and motivated in project. The teachers put the students on a path that deepens their knowledge and build skills they will need in the future.