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    Categorizing Collaboration


      Collaborating on and with the web is continually evolving as there are so many new resources that keep appearing. Not to mention the way you an access the technology- via the computer or a mobile phone. 


      I started brainstorming a list of items out there by categories - this is not a comprehensive list and I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. As you review the list- think about the following questions.

      • What categories would you add? 
      • What is the collaboration tool that you can't live without?
      • Are there any tools that you would stay away from? Hard to use with students or not reliable?


      Blogs & Wiki’s

      • Blogger
      • Edublogs
      • Wikispaces
      • Pbwiki
      • Wetpaint
      • mediawiki


      Collaborative Writing

      • Google Docs
      • Spring Note


      Mind Mapping

      • Visual Ranking
      • Seeing Reason
      • Showing Evidence
      • Thinkature


      Polls & Survey’s

      • Survey Monkey
      • PollPub.com
      • Zoomerang
      • Google Docs



      • Google Maps
      • Geocommons
      • Mapskip
      • UMapper



      • Lucidchart
      • Google Spreadsheet
      • EditGrid


      Social Networking

      • My Space
      • Facebook
      • Ning
      • Tapped In
      • Linked In


      Visual Creations

      • Woordle
      • Fluxtime
      • Scratch