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    Today is International Day of the Girl


      day of the girl.png

      At the September 21, 2010, Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York City, Intel announced its support for the new global initiative 10x10: Connect the Dots, Educate Girls, Change the World, a film and social action campaign dedicated to the education of girls.

      Today is International Day of the Girl - what do you do to champion and celebrate girls' education, and why do you do it?

      To further the discussion, check out this page of resources designed to help educators "engage their students in meaningful, theme-based social studies and reading/language arts lessons and encourage students to think critically about important political, cultural, historical, social, religious and geographic issues tied to educating girls – and how they, as global citizens, have a responsibility to create a more just world for all."

      Please explore the site, learn about the initiative, and then let us know what inspires you about this effort!