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    STEM Snacks: Food Science


      My science core includes having students identify changes between solids, liquids, and gases. As teachers in the school, we discussed ways to get students more “engaged” in learning this material. We decided to focus students on the process of making homemade Root Beer. Students were given small Dixie cups to make their Root Beer in. Students were given the opportunity to decide how much sugar their Root Beer needed. The only information they were provided was “When full, the cup will hold 100 grams” and “your cup should only be about half full of water. Make sure the sugar can dissolve.” Students measured their own sugar and added water to the cups, stirring with the favorite “milk straw” to dissolve the sugar. One milliliter of Root Beer Extract was then put in to each cup and students were allowed to stir again.

      Root_Beer.jpgI then put about 6 grams of dry ice into each cup. Students had to determine what state of matter each of the materials was and any change in state the material went through. There were a lot of loud comments about the “smoking Root Beer!” Of course, students were asked to make their evidence disappear and help clean up the room after we finished this activity. One young lady said that 0.5 grams of sugar was NOT enough!


      How might using Food Science engage students in your classroom?

      How can an activity like this support the English Language Arts Common Core?