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      Hi, All,

      Recently, we released five self-paced courses in Project Share (online professional development platform in Texas). Educators from across the state can join the course and earn Continuing Professional Development (CPE) credits upon successful completion of the course. For the self-paced courses, successful completion means passing the end-of-course quiz with a minimum of 80% of questions answered correctly. If someone answers 80% or more of the questions correctly, a certificate is automatically generated with the CPE credits.


      Attached, are the adapted quizzes that course members complete if they want to earn CPE credits.


      Daryl Michel

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          This is great!  Thanks again for sharing this work from Texas.  Having both self-paced (for CPE credits) and facilitated versions ( for both CPE and optional graduate credit) enables teachers by providing choices.  How challenging was it to activate the quiz score tracking features in Texas Project Share to track individual performance on the quizzes and respond with award of CPEs?

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              For the self-paced courses, it wasn't too difficult. We upload the questions in Project Share (Epsilen is the LMS) and set the criteria for passing. Once someone attains that passing percentage, the certificate is automatically generated. We can go in and track who began the course, who completed, who attempted a quiz and passed or failed. Because we wanted these to be self-paced, we knew we had to establish a mechanism in which we really have to do nothing.


              For the facilitated course, we'll generate and send the certificate. We expect participants to be more active in the facilitated course: posting and responding to posts, completing action plans, etc. So, the facilitator will award the CPEs at the conclusion of the course.



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              Well written quiz questions, Daryl and team.  It looks as if the sequence of questions does not follow the course sequence, but mixes them up, right?  This would be a good thing for an exit quiz and makes the end of module questions in the course good for practice and review.  Thanks for sharing them!

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                A great idea. 


                I so value the blended courses but I also know that there are some that would rather just work on their own.  What has your post-survey revealed.  I would be interested.  Our participants so love the discussion piece.  In fact, that's the major reason that we have many teachers return to take additional courses that we offer.


                Keep us posted for sure Daryl.