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      Attached, are the Elements course alignments to the Texas Technology Applications TEKS. We include the alignments in our self-paced courses as a way to demonstrate how Elements courses align to the Tech. App. TEKS from Kindergarten through High School. Additionally, we'll include the alignments as we begin our first online facilitated course in Project Share (professional development platform in Texas).


      Daryl Michel

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          These are great Daryl, thanks for sharing these as a model for others!  This clearly represents long hard work by the team completing these alignments.  Having experienced this first hand, do you have any lessons learned/suggestions for others who may be preparing to complete similar alignments?

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              Hi, Steve,

              Great question! I would say our first priority was determining which set of standards we were going to focus on. We could have easily selected ELAR, etc.; however, we wanted to begin by making connections to technology. The second necessity was setting realistic targets for completion - we all know alignments take a lot of time! We identified a contractor to assist us that was familiar with the Elements courses and had experience with alignments. We then worked on the outline, how we wanted the alignment to look. Our contractor began the alignment process by identifying key words in each Elements course/module/lesson - which made it easier when sorting through the many student expectations.



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              Daryl, thank you for sharing these TEKS alignments docs.  Yes, alignment processes are exacting and time consuming but yield valuable results. Your contractors strategy for using keywords makes me think that we (Intel Education) should consider making the complete course transcripts available to folks involved in alignment efforts.  The transcripts were created to better support text readers for visually impaired.  But they also facilitate keyword searches. Something we can look into Steve A, right?

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                I agree with Steve.  Lots of hard work.


                Are these aligned to your state standards or to Common Core Standards?  Has Texas already embedded the Common Core within their standard?