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    Fulbright Teachers Exchange Anyone?


      Just curious, has anyone participated in this program (or wish to participate)? Here is an excerpt, the deadline is near:



      "The Fulbright Teacher Exchange program provides  opportunities for K-12 teachers to partipate in direct one-to-one classroom  exchanges with peers from other countries for a semester or an academic year.  This year's participating countries include: Czech Republic, France, Ghana,  Hungary, India, Mexico, Slovak REpublic, Switzerland, Turkey and the United  Kingdom. Exchange teachers provide students with new perspectives while gaining  an understanding for different cultures and educational models. Deadline for applying to the Fulbright Teacher Classroom  Exchange program is October 15,  2009."



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          Wait ... do I have time to add another application to this month's work load?


          Seriously, I had a good friend who took advantage of this and went to Japan. He returned with great ideas to use in his science classroom and renewed enthusiasm for teaching. Based on his experience, I strongly recommend this to my Senior Trainer friends.

          • Hmmm...
            Bonnie Feather

            That could be just the ticket for those of us who have already been told that our grant funding (read: salary & job!) will not be renewed for next year!  You've got me thinking, Theresa!  Thanks for the heads-up!


            Oh, and if a trainer were to work in another country, could they do some Intel training there?