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    Survival Advice

      Okay, I am turing to my Intel family for some ideas and support. I have an Intel Essentials coming up for an entire faculty. Great right? Well, let's just describe this school for you. About to be taken over by the state, an optional school, oh and they just found out they are having a state visit on Monday. Did I mention the class starts Thursday and Friday?

      So here is my question. I know going into this, that Number One: this is not the most tech savy people. Consider this scenario, they were tired of teaching in the regular classroom or either they got moved from school to school for whatever reason. Number Two: I have already heard from the prinicpal that they want to strangle me right now because of the Orientation they are supposed to be working on. One has lost her login, one can't download files, computers are too old to run this or that. I am very proud of our superintendant for making the decision for them that this is the way they need to go in order to improve a bad situation, but they are going to come in with a bad attitude and not want to be there.

      So here is my question for the experts: 1. How can I keep them from killing me? (literally)  2. Any tips, tricks, suggestions for going at this alone with people that may not be able to turn the computer on? And yes, I did request that the superintendant make an appearance to tell them what their goals are for this class and to offer support (he recently completed the Intel Leadership Forum and was hooked).

      I am seeking any survival advice you may have to offer.

      Thanks in advance!

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          I will leave the advice to the real experts in our community but I do think this is a wonderful opportunity. This training is perfect for your audience! They need it the most to find new passion for teaching and learning and this course challenges and inspires teachers worldwide. They might go in kicking and screaming but by the end, teachers will be changed more than you will ever know. So keep your beautiful smile plastered on your face, use your gift of humor full throttle, store up all the patience you can gather...and just think of all the students that will benefit if even one of your participants change they way they teach.


          O.k. STs and MTs, what kind of concrete advice can you give Jill--many of you have been here before. Or maybe you have been on the other end...

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              Thanks! I knew I could count on my Intel family for just the right words to get me even more excited. I have always liked a challenge and will make it my personal goal to win every single one of them over.

              I also see this as just another opportunity to provide my services to the teachers in their setting and working with the students.

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              Dear Jill

              This is quite common in Asian countries. the only tip i would like to share which is very simple is as follows:


              keep your introductory presentation very personal, share the importance of the course and its benefit, after your introduction share that when you started you faced problems (talk about the problems you mentioned they are facing and the pressure), dont demand too much but be giving and supporting and show a lot of empathyy. Share your contact number with them and let them believe that yes you are available anytime during training on your mobile to help them and guide them in case of any issue. See if you can get any technical support, so that teachers can discuss hardward issues with technical support during training period. For sample show your project you made the first time and how it was modified later. After 2 to 3 days you will notice a change and readiness to learn.


              Wish you good luck.


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                  Excellent ideas, and ones that pretty much follow my philosophy when teaching.  The first thing I always do in an Intel training is admit I am human and that I  too will  make some mistakes along the way. Even though I type my notes word for word of what I will say, do, etc. I often find myself getting too excited and off track, so I have to go back. I have no problem saying, Ok, now where were we...lol

                  I think the fact that this group is facing a lot of stress with the anticipation of the state visit, being away from their school and interacting with adults will be a major bonus. I hope I can convey to the them importance of "letting it go" for a while, having some fun and learning some valuable things.

                  Thanks for the wonderful advice!

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                  Sounds like you really have your hands full with this group. But, I know that you are going to come out with victory! Having dealt with groups like this before, I  offer the following suggestions:

                  • Bring candy and treats to keep them happy during the face to face trainings; daily prizes and goodies for answering question of the day, mini competitions, etc.
                  • Try to arrange for a mini tech session for those who are complete beginners BEFORE the training begins. You can cover the skills you know they will need to be comfortable with during the course.
                  • Consider scheduling some additional face to face help sessions, if possible throughout the course.
                  • Be supportive and encouraging as I know you will. Reassure them often and model some of the activities as much as possible. I recently finished a course with a group similiar to this one and found that these strategies did help a great deal.
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                      As usual, great sound advice from one of the masters of staff development. I am on my way now to stock up with chocolate and drinks.

                      I definitely agree that this group will need some "work days" to be here in the lab if nothing else but to have me beside them.

                      I think my main goal for them is to help them realize they can not always do what they have always done. It is time for them to make the change for their students. The group of students at this school are certainly ones that need an alternate approach to the learning.

                      Thanks for your help and encouragement