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    Curators of New knowledge- The Digital Buzz Radio Show



      Hope you can tap into the following radio broadcast show and contribute to the following posed questions to extend the learning our Intel Teachers Engage Community:


      • How do you personalize learning so each and every student can be a curator of new knowledge?
      • What tools, resources or ideas enhance your facilitation to activate meaningful and collaborative learning experiences for your students?
      • How will you NOW personalize learning so each and every student can be a curator of new knowledge?

      Resources shared through todays' radio show include:

      • Diigo

      Google Alerts

      Google Reader


      Twitter Lists


      Pinterest, Learni.st



      Flipboard, Pulse, Zite

      Intel Teach Elements Courses http://intel.com/teachers

      Beth Kanter curation graphic orgainzer http://www.bethkanter.org


      Here is an archive of the Friday morning Intel teachers Engage "The Digital Buzz" radio show. http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/user/the_digital_buzz/curators_of_new_knowledge



      Come and explore the new student role in the digital collaborative classroom as curators of knowledge while immersing yourself in many resouces Naomi will provide during this month's radio broadcast. Naomi will share effective strategies, learning tools and resources to create and cultivate their new knowledge in a highly collaborate classroom for your k12 students or adult learners. As a guide, the free Intel Teach Elements "Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Framework" and the "Collaboration in the Digital Classroom" blended course will be introduced, to support you as an educator, administrator or a digital coach to find the right tool to get the job done to meet the student learning outcome.

      Here is Naomi's presenation file today's content: http://goo.gl/pPPTc and it is alos attached as a PDF for your immediate review.